Exclusive TDA Member Discount

While conventional agencies charge 33 to 50%, TekCollect’s custom programs are typically less than 10%. That’s less than it costs a practice to collect an account internally.

And through the TDA Perks Program, TekCollect extends an additional discount to TDA members. You receive an additional 20% discount on our custom collection solutions.

Our low fixed fee makes it easy for you to place accounts early in the delinquency cycle, when patients are more responsive and accounts are more collectable. We serve as a seamless extension of your internal efforts allowing your staff to concentrate on the 30- and 60-day slow-pay accounts. Together, we can prevent over 75% of your accounts from ever becoming 90-days delinquent.

Case Studies
Case Study
TekCollect recovers 57% of a new pediatric clinic’s accounts and implements innovative A/R program for consistent results.
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